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Frequently asked questions

How safe is South Africa & Surrounding Countries to Travel alone in a 4x4?

Very Safe - because 90% of our tours and routes are out in the countryside off the main roads and away from bigger cities or lower income Townships and Squatter Camps.
South Africa does have a high crime rate compared to first world countries, however what one must keep in mind is that the majority of the serious crimes occur in the townships and gang controlled areas, not in the tourists areas where security is high and crime prevention is very effective.
In 11 years of our clients travelling in SA, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and beyond by 4x4 and Motorcycles, we have had ZERO major incidences other than the odd pair of gloves or helmet left on the bike being stolen.
NEVER leave valuable on the seat in vehicles in full visibility

Cellphone WIFI & internet access on Tour in South Africa ?

Cellphone reception and internet access is available widely throughout South Africa.
In most highly populated areas, there will be at least 3G mobile internet available. In metropolitan areas such as Cape Town and most stops along the garden route, there is 4G available.
Ensure you have checked your roaming charges for calls as well as data, otherwise you may end up with a large phone bill. Most of our accommodations provide WiFi access, even if it is slow.
We reccomend you buy a South African SIM card on arrival at the airport.

What About Mechanical Back up if we have a breakdown?

We believe that prevention is the best solution to support issues.
All our 4x4 and Trucks are meticulously maintained, and still under manufacturer warrantee.We use 100% OEM genuine parts and have a “No Compromise” stance when it comes to repair on damaged vehicles or services.
All our rental 4x4 are current models and have very low mileage (mostly less than 20 000km) - in most cases
In the extremely unlikely event of a breakdown, we will endeavour to replace your 4x4 as quickly as possible, or get the 4x4 to the nearest dealership or mechanical workshop - and at our full cost. Nothing for you to pay.

What kind of weather can we expect?

South Africa has it’s summer from December to February and it’s winter from June to August (as it is in the southern hemisphere). The coastlines of South Africa have a very moderate climate. Summers which are not too hot, and winters which are not too cold. Inland regions (such as Oudtshoorn and Addo) experience hotter summers and colder winters. Summer average temperatures: Southern coast (Cape Town to Eastern Cape): Average highs from 25°C to 30°C, with lows ranging from 15°C to 20°C in the evenings Inland regions (Oudtshoorn, Addo): Average highs from 30°C and more. In some regions it can reach up to 40°C! Winter average temperatures: Southern coast: Average highs of not more than 20°C. Lows ranging from 5°C to 10°C Inland regions: Also average highs of not more than 20°C, but expect cooler nights of 5°C

What kind of Accommodation will we stay in ?

Mostly on all of our guided and self guided tours, we use tried and tested accommodation locations, ranging from country hotels, guesthouses, Luxury Game Lodges and guest farms.
3, 4 and 5 Star accommodation is what we book, unless you specifically want budget accommodation like backpackers and camping.

Fully Equipped 4x4 come with roof tents and full camping equipment for 2 or 4 people.
Overland trucks carry all the camping equipment for the budget tours.

What condition are the4x4 and Overland Trucks in ?

Across all the brands we supply, the vehicles are new and the odometer readings generally dont exceed 40 000km
We generally DON’T often have breakdowns and pride ourselves on this important factor.