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Overland Truck Tours in Southern Africa

Welcome to our Overland Truck tours...
Traveling in the comfort of an air-conditioned 4x4 overland truck  - allow you, the traveler to have maximum comfort and enjoy the scenery from the large windows. USB charging ports, 12V sockets to keep you powered up throughout the journey.

Travelers have a choice of fully Accommodated tours or the budget camping tours fully supported and catered for, on the exact same route. In some cases we can even have a mix of accommodated and camping guests on the same route.

The regions we explore are breathtakingly beautiful, and there is plenty of adventure activities and interesting sights to see on route.

These tours are 3 of the most popular Overland Tours. We can design any route, for any amount of days, to any destination including:
South Africa | Namibia | Botswana | Lesotho | Swaziland | Zimbabwe | Zambia

Overland Tours to Namibia

ZAR51 800 (Accommodated, Single)

ZAR36 800 (Camping, Single)

16 Day Cape Town to Windhoek
1 - 16 October 2020
1 - 16 November 2020

Overland Tours to Cederberg

ZAR28 950 (Accommodated, Single)

ZAR19 250 (Camping, Single)

14 Day Garden Route & Cederberg
1 - 14 Nov 2020
17 - 29 Nov 2020

Overland Tours to Victoria Falls

ZAR64 500 (Accommodated, Single)

ZAR42 850 (Camping, Single)

20 Day Cape Town to Vic Falls
1 - 20 May 2021
1 - 20 June 2021


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