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Here are a few Basic questions we ask our clients:

a. Did you find the route within your riding capabilities and was the Craig Marshall professional and helpful ?
b. Was the route and scenic and interesting?
c. Can you list any highlights of the experience?
d. Was the accommodation acceptable and comfortable?
e. Were the Vehicles and accessories in good condition?
f. What rating out of ten would you give the whole experience with 4x4 Travel Africa ?
g. Was the experience something you would recommend to friends with similar Travel interest?
h. Would you consider touring with 4x4 Travel Africa again?

rating 9.jpg
April 2019: Fernando, Spain - 18 Days, 4x4 Tour - Cape Town to Windhoek, Namibia

A.Yes, as a matter of fact roads where better than expected since a lot of them had recently been serviced. Craig was always at hand

B.Yes, great scenery

C.The mountain roads in the North West of SA where really fun. Namibian dessert is awesome and I must go back to  Spitskoppe  for some

     rock climbing

D. Yes, a good combination of camping, basic hotels and good ones when available

E. Yes. Toyota Hilux fully equipped for camping was in perfect order

F. 9 out of 10

G. Yes. of course

H.Yes, this is my second trip with Craig, the first one was a bike tour in SA.

    Probably won´t be the last, FUN and awesome scenery

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